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Sun Dragon Daylilies
Welcome! Happy 2019!

My new cultivars for 2019 are now listed
Several of them are in short supply this year.

March 7, 2019 update - Due to the exceptional response I have received this year, my general listing plants from other hybridizers are now sold out for spring 2019 shipping, though many of these will again have limited availability in the late summer/fall of 2019. I do still have some divisions of most of my own introductions available for spring 2019 shipping, though many are close to being sold out.

New Article 
March 07, 2019
Bringing Light Into the Garden

I have loved daylilies since early childhood. They can be ideal garden plants, wonderful for average homeowners who just want some pretty flowers, young people who want to learn to grow and breed plants and want something easy and forgiving to start with, average gardeners who love flowers, all the way up to advanced hobbyists and collectors who are looking for the most extreme and advanced. However, all daylilies are not created equally, and it is important to know what daylilies are right for your needs.

It is my goal to breed and offer plants that are easy to care for regardless of your skill level, that have great value for breeding projects of any kind and that also offer advances in form and flower as well as in the plant traits.

​Feel free to spend time here. This website is designed to be an information resource as well as a place to offer plants I have bred or that I grow and find worth offering. The articles and links section has many articles. The listings of each cultivar from myself and others features a page of pictures and my anecdotal observations for each cultivar. Enjoy!

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