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Sun Dragon Daylilies
About Sun Dragon Daylilies
  • Garden Practices

  • Sun Dragon Daylilies is located near London, Kentucky on the Cumberland Plateau, about one hour south of Lexington, Kentucky, off Interstate I-75 and is a state-inspected nursery/breeding program, yearly inspected and licensed through the Kentucky Office of the State Entomologist. My area is in zone 6 or 7, depending on who you ask and the winter you are referring to. My daylilies are grown in the average conditions of my area. My soil is acidic (averaging about pH 6.0), heavy clay and orange sandstone blend with a layer of dark brown top soil. I do not do soil amendments, nor do I make a lot of additives to the soil. I want to know what is going to grow the best in average conditions, not what looks the best in the highest input conditions that most average gardeners and homeowners won't be able or willing to provide. Daylilies are billed as 'the easiest of all garden plants', and that can be true, when you find daylilies that haven't been bred and raised for generations in heavily modified conditions with lots of fertilizer, water, soil amendments, even artificial growing mediums and greenhouses, and/or raised in the warm semi-tropics of Florida.

  • I use slightly different cultural methods in my hybridizing garden and seedling beds than I use in my sale beds. All new cultivars and seedlings are grown with no spraying for insect or pathogenic pests and with little additive fertilizer, water, or soil amendments. In this way I can test each cultivar I bring in and each seedling I produce so that I can know what are the toughest, most forgiving and most resistant to pest damage. In this way I work to find the plants that will be easiest and most resilient for you to grow without resorting to expensive and often time consuming inputs. 

  • In my sale beds, as well as the display gardens on the farm, I add nitrogen and lime at least twice per year (once in spring and once after bloom season), a fertilizer with phosphorus during bloom season and a fertilizer with potassium after replanting and in the fall to stimulate root growth. I spray for thrips and aphids starting in early spring and up to the end of June, alternating between Bifenthrin and Spinosad with Neem Oil. If there are aphid outbreaks in the fall, I will spray with one or the other of these again at that time.

  • From the year 2012 through 2016, I practiced a program of rust resistance screening in my hybridizing garden and seedling beds. In order to do that, I had to bring in plants from Florida each spring to ensure the presence of rust for screening, as rust does not survive my winters and I don't use greenhouses. As of 2016 I have completed that screening and will not be bringing in any more plants for the purpose of acquiring rust for the foreseeable future. I saw no rust at all in 2017 and didn't bring in any plants in spring 2017. The plants I brought in for fall 2017, very few at that, showed no rust before first freeze. As there has been no rust here since the summer of 2016, my garden is rust free. 

  • Ordering and Shipping

  • Ordering
  • I ship bare root daylily divisions. I can accept orders at any time. Please contact me by email (I am hard to reach by phone - I am pretty much a work force of one) to be sure the cultivars you are interested in are available and to obtain my mailing address. If I run out of a variety or have a crop failure after your order is placed, I will substitute for a variety of equal or greater value unless you specify no substitutions, then I will refund the purchase price of the unavailable variety. Please note, specific daylilies are only considered 'reserved' when payment is received. Orders can be paid by check, money order or Paypal. Kentucky residents must add 6% sales tax. Please make check or money order payments payable to Brian Reeder. If you are not satisfied with the plants you receive, do not plant them and contact me immediately. I do not offer international shipping at this time. I cannot ship to California at this time.

  • Shipping
  • Sun Dragon Daylilies is a mail order nursery. As this is a hobby business and I am the bulk of my workforce, I only ship for a short time in spring and a short time in late summer/early fall. You may contact me to arrange a shipping date or to see if I can ship outside my shipping windows. I may or may not be able to, depending on any number of other obligations or projects that I may have going on.

  • Clump Shipping
  • While I can ship clumps, it is fairly expensive to do so. I use medium and large Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes. Many of the clumps I offer can be shipped, usually one clump to a medium box and one large or two medium clumps in the large box. Inquire about clumps.

  • Spring 2022 Projected Shipping Dates:
  • Shipping will be focused on the last two weeks of April and early May for spring 2022. We may ship to the deep south earlier, if possible. That will be determined by the local weather, as will all shipping dates.

  • Shipping rates
  • I ship by USPS Priority Mail. I use flat rate medium and large boxes. Shipping rates for 2022 will be based upon current shipping rates for those sizes.

  • Rates - Divisions
  • The following is a general guideline. 
  • 1-5 divisions - $18.00
  • 6-10 divisions - $25.00
  • Extra large divisions may change the number of divisions that can be packed in either size shipping box. Some small divisions or orders of single divisions may be able to use the small flat rate box.  Orders over ten divisions my require multiple shipping boxes.

  • Cancellations
  • Please be aware that all canceled orders will be charged a 10% fee to cover processing and any fees I may be charged in refunding your payment.​

  • Services

  • Consulting
  • I offer consulting services, coaching and guidance, for breeding programs. I can guide you in developing a breeding program, helping you to meet your goals in breeding plants or animals, through my personal experience and knowledge of applying husbandry, plant breeding sciences and genetic sciences to your program to help you in developing the program you desire or to guide you in dealing with specific interests or issues within an existing program. For more information, contact me at the email address below.

  • Garden Visitors
  • Sun Dragon Daylilies is a mail order nursery. We are not open to the public. Due to the continuing Covid pandemic, I may not be able to have any garden visits in 2022. You can contact me during the season to see if a visit is possible in 2022. Garden visits are by appointment only. My plant breeding program is my hobby and my major focus. I don't have much help and do most of the garden maintenance myself, so my time is limited. I may not always be able to accommodate garden visits due to prior commitments or any number of other situations, especially if the request to visit is on short notice. However, while visits must be limited, I do love to meet daylily people and discuss my program and their interests. I just need to schedule in advance for visits. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Wholesale
  • At times I may be able to offer quantity pricing on multiple divisions or full clumps of some cultivars to other sellers, nurseries or landscapers. Wholesale orders of whole clumps would only be available for pickup at the garden by prior arrangement. When available, wholesale quantities of divisions can be shipped.


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